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Whidbey Island is north of Seattle. To make things a little less confusing, we've been saying the wedding is in Seattle. To be more specific, the wedding will be at the Useless Bay Country Club on Whidbey Island. Being that this is an island, you'll need to take a Ferry every time you would like to get on, or off, of the island. I would suggest finding a place to stay on the island. Keep in mind it is a very large island and staying in the northern town of Oak Harbor is about 45 minute drive to the Country Club.

Useless Bay Country Club

5725 S. Country Club Dr. Langley Wa. 98260  View Larger Map

The address above is a gross misrepresentation of political city limits. Stating the Country club is in "Langley" is like saying Disneyland is in Ventura. If you look at the map, you'll notice Langley is actually the opposite side of the Island. The town of Freeland is much closer to the Country Club.

Both the Ceremony and the Scrumdiddily umpchious Banquet will be at the Country Club.

Whidbey Hotels

Updated 1-12-2014

This island is big and full of small towns with lots of Bed and Breakfasts, cozy cabins, Inns, and motels. Unfortunately, the majority of what you will find are in the Northern tip of the island and romantic hotspots. The Northern part is much more densely populated due to the Navy base. Staying in one of the Northern towns will allow you to bypass the ferry hassles, but require about a 45 minutes drive to the Country Club through a wildlife filled forested road.

Dealing with Bed and Breakfasts. Basically, check reviews thoroughly and make sure to call before booking. I've run into a lot of these no longer in business or having staffing issues. I just don't see this as a lucrative business anymore and, personally, never understood it in the first place. Just make sure you do your research and actually get a human on the phone before giving up any money.

Searching for hotels on this island has proven to be difficult. A lot of outdated information is floating around. If you end up finding something you think others should know about, please send me an email. The more information, the sooner, the better everyone's trip will be.

Inn at Langley
$333 per night.
15 Minute Drive
This place is gorgeous and only 15 minutes from the Country Club. If you've got the money and want to be pampered, why the hell not...

Eagles Nest Inn Bed and Breakfast
$170 per night.
15 Minute Drive
One of those bed and breakfasts run by a couple. The reviews are good, but they appear to "turn down" at 10pm. Might be a problem if you are looking to stay late at a wedding on Saturday night. It is close to the Country Club, but there might be better options.

Captain Whidbey Inn
$175 per night.
35 Minute Drive
Located in Coupeville. This is an old historical cabin type place. I am told that they have community bathrooms, but noticed their cabins have private bathrooms. Probably depends on the room. I would suggest this for those wanting a romantic, rustic, cabin experience where you'd like to enjoy the quiet of the island.

The Coupeville Inn
$175 per night.
35 Minute Drive
Also located in Coupeville (surprised?). Looks like an old Victorian style house that has been updated and converted into a hotel. Probably doesn't have a lot of rooms available, so it might be another quiet setting.

The Majestic Inn and Spa
$250 per night.
Hour and a half Drive
Located in Anacortes, this hotel is the furthest north you can get while remaining on the island. It is a very nice hotel.

Whidbey Rental Cars

SeaTac Airport has plenty of rental car agencies in their dedicated rental car facility. Information on how to get to the rental car counter if you fly into SeaTac can be found here since it requires a bus to a dedicated part of the airport. Other then the normal rental agencies at the airport, there are two other used car lots on whidbey island that rent cars.

A-Z Auto
Guessing 35 a Day.
Located near the ferry on Whidbey Island. There is no pricing on the site that I've been able to find, so calling them is required.

A Auto
35 a Day for Sedan.
Also located near the ferry on Whidbey Island. They have a variety of prices on the awkwardly 1990's website, so hopefully they still exist.

Whidbey Sea-Tac Shuttle and Charter

Island Shuttle Services

A shuttle is available for those flying in and needing transportation onto the island. I believe they are even willing to drop you off near the Ferry since they have to stop there anyways. I know people will rent cars on the island and the shuttle can drop you there. Special drop off points might cost extra depending on how far off route, but this company has shown they are flexible. Prices are about $40.

Off Island Hotels

Updated 1-12-2014

This is not everything available. I did not list hotels within downtown Seattle which might be nice for people that have never visited and don't mind getting a rental car. All off island hotels will require a car unless within walking distance to the ferry and even that requires a ride once on the island. For those of you not used to a ferry, the costs and schedule information are below.

Silver Cloud Inn Mulkiteo Waterfront
$230 per night.
45 Minute Drive
Very nice hotel directly on the water and next door to the Ferry. If you walk on to the Ferry they do not charge. However, you will still need to find transportation once on the island.

Marriott Townplace Suites Mukilteo
$130 per night.
45 Minute Drive
Standard Marriot Hotel two miles south of the Ferry.

Hilton Garden Inn North Everett
$110 per night.
45 Minute Drive
A standard Hilton 3 miles south of the Ferry.

Staybridge Suites North Everett
$180 per night.
45 Minute Drive
Another of the standard hotel 3 miles south of the Ferry. It has some forested hiking trails directly connected to the Hotel.

Extended Stay Motel Mulkiteo
$100 per night.
45 Minute Drive
This motel is about 5 miles south of the Ferry. They have kitchenettes for those that need them.

Ferry Information

Mukilteo/Clinton Ferry Schedule

Clinton, just south of Langley and East of the Country Club, is where the Ferry drops everyone onto the Island. The Ferry will pick up in Mukilteo and there will typically be a wait approximately 20 minutes. Most people get out and eat some Fish and Chips at Ivar's. Pretty tastey stuff.

Personally, the ferry is one of the best parts of the island. I suggest everyone get out of the car and go up to the observation deck.

The Ferry schedule is linked in the upper right corner. The schedule won't be completely accurate until we get closer to the date of the wedding. I do not know, for sure, if the ferry times change in the summer, so they could be accurate. Either way, you can still get a good representation of when the ferry is active. I believe the biggest concern will be for those wanting to leave the Island the night of the wedding. You will need to leave and be on the ferry by midnight. There is typically a line of cars waiting for the ferry late at night, so plan accordingly. If you have a problem with the midnight rule, take it up with your ferry god mother.